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New44" 10-18 LB BEAR ARCHERY WIZARD LONG BOW SET Youth Recurve Right & Left Hand
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Time Left: 13h 57m

Bear Montana Longbow Bow LH
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Time Left: 6d 10h 40m

New36" 8-12 LB BEAR ARCHERY 1ST SHOT LONG BOW SET Youth Recurve Right & Left Hand
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Time Left: 10h 32m

New60" 20-29 LB BEAR ARCHERY TITAN LONG BOW SET Youth Recurve Right & Left Hand
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Time Left: 9h 2m

New44" 15-18 LB BEAR ARCHERY GOBLIN LONG BOW SET Youth Recurve Right & Left Hand
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Time Left: 7h 57m

Russ Berrie Long Hair Teddy Bear Toffee Bear 8" Brown Bow Polka Dot
Time Left: 29d 7h 10m

Time Left: 6d 6h 31m

Vintage Bear Glass Powered Polar Bow Archery Long Recurve 64" 54#
Best Offer Enabled
Time Left: 9d 4h 58m

NewHelloKitty Zipper Bear Wallet Purse 2014 New Cute Pu Bow Multi-color Long Size
Time Left: 28d 17h 2m

NewHoliday Shirt-Black T Shirt w/ Bear Cub, Gold Antlers, Red Bow and Ruffles-New
Tops & T-Shirts
Time Left: 28d 14h 19m

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What kind of Compound Bow should I buy when I'm learning to shoot with a Bow I have shot a Fred Bear long bow?

in the past but want to get started shooting compound bows & want to know what a good bow to start with would be.

I would not sink a lot of money into the first bow justin case you don't like it, I shoot a Mathews and would tell anyone it is the best bow on the market and I have shot PSE, Hoyt, Bear,ect, ect. I use them for both hunting and tournament.

PSE Sequoia Vs. Fred Bear Montana Long Bow?

I would like to hunt with it Pros and Cons of each please

I know little of the PSE. But the Montana Long Bow drew reviews that raved about its smoothness and lack of hand shock that most long bows are noted for. At the time there was heated debate about it even being a long bow because the tips had a slight

Can you please recommend a Long Bow for hunting under $400?

it was always my dream to do bow hunting (deers, bears) and now it is the right time
in my life.

I don't want a crossbow or a modern compound bow,
I want traditional type bow to be more challenging.

The Montana Long bow is as good as you can get without going to a custom made one. Here is a link to it in Cabela's catalog. fred-bear-montana-longbow.shtml?type=pro duct&WT.tsrc=CSE&WT.mc_id=Google

Change up for debate, but is anyone listening?

The concept behind the five-year big game season structure is essentially an update of the outline wildlife managers use to keep game populations in balance with the habitat. It establishes an overall framework for annual hunting regulations by addressing issues such as the length and timing of seasons for different species and hunting methods, the general proportion of limited and unlimited licenses, and the balance... Such is the situation surrounding the five-year big game season structure being considered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and open to sportsmen's comments through March 31. On one hand is the self-serving mind-set of the various subsets of big game hunters &mdash. seeking to improve "their" season.