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 Yacon Seeds - Sunchoke

Which online vendors send seeds of Andean root crops to the continental US?

Maca seed here, eeds.html
As for the rest nearly impossible to get ahold of, you might try contacting these folks, cts.

Exotica is just a click away now

Many, I am certain, will derive pleasure from the memories of holidays both near and far, finding exotic packets of seeds, unusual plants from which seed was extracted, even cuttings wrapped in dampened paper, nurtured to rooting back in Blighty. And, of course, plant material and seeds are on the banned list too. I now know I should not have done it, and I would not again, but in the naivety of youth I even brought back an hibiscus I had not seen before, from Greece, in its pot in my hold luggage, and that’s a real no-no as we all know. The pleasure of creating a plant memory of a holiday past was immense and some still mark a point in time in the garden. Part of that is caused by the globalisation of plants through genesis worldwide and instant internet access to markets far and near. It can have all manner of pests and diseases. You really do not want to import soil.