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Which online vendors send seeds of Andean root crops to the continental US?

Maca seed here, http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/seeds/s eeds.html
As for the rest nearly impossible to get ahold of, you might try contacting these folks, http://www.cipotato.org/cip/global_conta cts.

Why Are We Dumb About BDS?

Apartheid Week rolls around on your campus and you feel the urge, as you pass the flurry of posters of Gandhi and Desmond Tutu exhorting you to boycott Israel, to crunch those posters up into tiny balls and shove them somewhere where the sun... Half of you wants to stand by each poster board wall with a megaphone, shouting to anyone who will listen about the outright distortions and the ridiculously irresponsible use of words like “genocide. It’s messy, and they don’t have a degree in politics like you do. At the end of the day you are shouting to yourself in a vain attempt to be heard. Any college student who has been to Israel and fell in love with it like I did has been in my shoes. Even your friends won’t listen. But you expect that anyone exposed to facts will listen to reason. It’s political.